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According to UNICEF, more than 30,000 children die each day from preventable causes. That's over 10 million per year! God loses one of his precious children every 3 seconds.


Each year the Calvary Orphan Outreach Ministry hosts the Easter 5K run/walk for the City of Troy, MO.  This year the run/walk will be called the Rescue Run 5K Run/Walk and be held on Saturday, April 19, 2014 at 8:00 am in Troy city park (location below).  Each year the run/walk raises funds that are used to hold a 2-3 day medical clinic for impoverished people in Jinja, Uganda.

Over the past two years, our ministry's medical clinics have treated more than 700 men, women, and children who do not have any access to medical treatment in their African villages.  Below you can enjoy some pictures from these past medical clinics.

The race entry fee is $25 per person or $50 per family.  The race entry fee includes a race t-shirt, orphan rescue bracelet, and a bottle of water.   T-shirts come in adult Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.  
Two t-shirts per family paying $50 total.

Early registration can be made by submitting the following information to

Race day registration begins at 7:00 am.

For Early Registration Please Submit:
Your Name
Phone number
Emergency Contact name and phone number
e-mail address
T-shirt size  S     M      L     XL

Registration confirmation will be sent via e-mail.

Payment Methods
Race fees can be paid by either sending a check to Calvary Orphan Outreach at:
  130 Harmony Grove Road
  Troy, MO 63379
Please make checks out to Calvary Orphan Outreach

Or we are offering payment via Pay Pal by using the button below

Or you can pay the day of the race at registration tables.

Troy City Park is located at the corner of South Lincoln Drive and Monroe Street in Troy, MO 63379

Pictures from past medical clinics held in Jinja, Uganda.

The orphans at the orphan home say Hello and thank you for participating in the 
2014 Rescue Run 5K run/walk.  

They appreciate your support.

Some current Facts on orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa

According to UNICEF, by 2050 close to 40% of all live births in the world will take place in Sub-Saharan Africa and 37% of the world’s children under 5 years of age will live in this region.  Conversely, in 2011 this same region of Africa accounted for 71% of the world’s AIDS-related deaths and 72% of new infections among adults and children.   8 out of every 10 child orphaned by AIDS lives in Sub-Saharan Africa and every 15 seconds a child in Africa becomes an AIDS orphan.

Taking into account these alarming statistics and the increasing rate of HIV/AIDS infections in Sub-Saharan Africa, who will be left by 2050 to care for the babies? How many of them will be born, only to become an AIDS orphan at a young age? How do we, as Christians, begin to make an impact upon this region to prepare them for this forecasted wave of births? How can Christians shine their lights upon today’s 14 million suffering AIDS orphans in this region and help them to become tomorrow’s Christian leaders needed to support these anticipated births? How can the local church in Africa encourage families in their communities to stand strong during these increasing cycles of birth, sickness, and death?

These questions can be fully answered by filtering them through a Biblical worldview. We can start by helping communities in this region begin to build a solid foundation upon the rock of Jesus Christ and equip the children of today to be the Christian leaders of tomorrow.   By coming along side the local churches in Sub-Saharan Africa, we can help them bring the word of God to the children of today as well as help them to provide a Christian education in an effort to equip these children as they grow into mature Christian adults. 

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or interest in serving with our ministry, please call Kim and John Silverberg at 314-265-4554.  You can also e-mail us by choosing Kim's e-mail tab on the side navigation bar. 
Thank you all in advance and God bless.

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